Aune Lohmann Touriga Nacional Reserva

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Vintage/year : 2017

Varieties: Handpicked 100% Touriga Nacional

Region: Dao Doc Portugal
Colour:  Dark red.
Aroma: Well balanced and remarkable high quality Touriga Nacional.
Seductive and elegant nose.

Taste: Hints of fresh dark fruits, strawberries and sweet plums. Some vanilla and earth notes. Long, full taste and always pleasant acidity.
35 years old organic vineyard.

Vegan stabilisation products.

Natural fermentation of slightly destemmed and uncrushed grapes in open steel lagars. Stored and matured for minimum 8 months in old French oak barrels and afterwards in a steel tank.


Words from Aune Lohmann organic wines

We wish to let our vines develop as natural and with little human interferences as possible.
Our vineyards are not watered and for all our work, in the cellar and for our house we use only water from our natural water reservoir.
Our grapes and vineyards only get natural fertilizer from the sheep of our local shepherd.
We never use pesticides and treat the fields manually, if we need to remove weeds and clean the rows.
Our philosophy is to support insects and bio diversity – even if our harvest is less as a result.

We do not use products with animal base for stabilisation, such as egg- and proteins – our wines are vegan.
We use as little sulphur as we can to avoid oxidation in the process and like it is usual in bio-production.
Fermentation is done in open lagars, often the whole bunch, uncrushed and foot-pressed.
Storage is in 230 liters French oak barrels and in steel tanks


When we started the restructuration of our ancient vineyards, our goal was to support the growth of endemic plants and animal life – small and large in an organic and symbiotic structure.
Our farm is a living and individual being and not an endless industrial monoculture or garden.

We are convinced that, if some “unwanted” visitor like a strange insect, an unwanted growth or animal enters the vineyard, nature will find ways to cope and to handle this in a harmonious way.
We actively support these natural life processes by manually cleaning unwanted growth – but let it grow the rest of the time. In the winter livestock, sheep and goats are cleaning and paying back with natural humus formations in our soil.
Our wish and dedication is to work with nature, in balance and with sustainability.


Crush some grapes, fruits or berries and it will probably turn into wine all by itself.
To grow sustainable grapes and make good wine however, and to keep on making this good wine are at the same time both complicated and challenging tasks.
To work with respect to nature both in the vineyard and in the cellar is our dedication!
Working in balance with nature and never taking out more from the earth than we add to it






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